intelligent cooling fan & hub for ps4 slim

fulfilled By : 3rood Express

Special Price 8.700 KWD

Quick Overview

  1. All-in-One: Vertical stand with cooling fan, controller charging station, temperature sensor, touch control panel and 3 USB hubs. Specially designed for PS4, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro
  2. Dual Cooling Fans: Cooling system can be set to Auto mode or Manual mode. Dual Cooling Fans rotate up to 3200rpm, can effectively keep PS4 console cool and safe (Base plate is made of aluminum, which can enhance the cooling effect)
  3. Charging Station: Dual Charging Docks for fully charging 2 wireless controllers simultaneously
  4. Intelligent Control: Touch control panel makes the operation more convenient and display screen shows accurately all the information including charging status of controllers, rotational speed of cooling fans and temperature of PS4 console bottom
  5. Power can be supplied through the USB host, or by an external voltage (Come with USB 2.0 cable & Power adapter)